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 SOHDA text messaging service

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PostSubject: SOHDA text messaging service   Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:56 am

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As of Friday the 1st of October 2010 I have set up a mobile phone text messaging service for the SOHDA which includes all members listed on the the current membership sheets who are allowed to attend meetings (parents, teachers, associate teachers etc) who supplied a mobile phone number. This does not include all dancer members for obvious reasons.

Texts sent out to members will be limited as much as possible, in the main important news, events, meetings all of which will have already been posted on the forum and or sent out to members by letter and when possible notification for members to go and view trophy returns lists posted on the forum will also be sent out.

No reply will be required as the texts will be information only, any questions should be directed to the top table in the proper manner.

I have split the members into three files, texts sent from a particular file will only reach those members

1. Top Table -

2. Technical -

3. All members which will include members from section 1 and 2

Only paid up members of the SOHDA as listed will be included in this service.

Anyone wishing to have their mobile number included in this service can become a member of the SOHDA for £5 and their number will be added ASAP, SOHDA membership also allows you to attend, put forward proposals and vote at meetings .

A text was sent out on Friday 1st October to all members who supplied a mobile number, if you are a member and did not receive a text please see below.

There are some members listed who did not include a mobile phone number, if you have one and wish to be added please contact me with the details - full name and mobile number, you can e-mail me from the contact us section of the SOHDA website or e-mail me at

As this is a new set up and under trial to see how it works out, storage of mobile numbers and the texts that will be sent out will come from my mobile phone only, in the event that this service is not continued all numbers will be deleted, no mobile numbers will be given out by me under any circumstances to anyone.

If you have any further questions or suggestions on this new service please do not hesitate to contact me.

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SOHDA text messaging service
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